Plug 'n play Wi-Fi respiration, ECG analysis and cardiac event detection system

Aingeal is part of a growing family of Intelesens devices which are optimised for minimum motion artefact, using revolutionary patch electrodes developed over many years for a range of applications including use in a number of space missions. The Aingeal system facilitates real time monitoring and analysis of respiration and diagnostic quality ECG.

Utilising an innovative, disposable patch design, users can be monitored for a period of up to 48 hours. Patient respiration, ECG signals, skin temperature and activity (3-axis accelerometer) are constantly monitored over the period. Any out of range heart or respiration rates, or irregular heart events are transmitted via Wi-Fi to a central processing station for further analysis by clinicians.

The system is capable of full disclosure recording and provides full configurability of specific events detected, including the length of each transmitted event record. The device is suitable for hospital, home or remote monitoring.

Potential Uses

The Aingeal is designed to provide wireless respiration detection, ECG analysis and cardiac event detection. It is designed to be rapidly added to or integrated into medical devices or systems.