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Vitalsens wireless monitor soars to new heights in London

CE Class 2a Approval

Vitalsens receives regulatory seal of approval

Intelesens's Vitalsens multi-parameter, body-worn, wireless monitoring device received CE class 2a regulatory approval today from SGS - Yarsley.

Vitalsens is a wearable non-intrusive health monitor comprising a disposable electrode patch and a reusable clip on transmitter. Data relating to the wearer's health, including heart rate, ecg, temperature and levels of activity are measured in the chest area and transmitted via Bluetooth to software residing on a pc or laptop in the wearer's home or in a ward. This health information can then be accessed by the clinician either locally or remotely.

The company foresees applications for this low-cost breakthrough technology in the management of care for both chronically ill patients at home and to monitor the health of both in-patients and out-patients attending hospital.

Sales enquiries to deirdre.francis@intelesens.com.